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Fully Responsive!

Custom Layouts
  -- Choose between 3 different layouts for each node (product, news item, etc).  If you have the need to showcase a product using the entire page, it's as easy as 1 click to do so.  

Custom Slideshow Staging
  -- Choose between 3 different staging effects for the homepage slideshow!  Having only one style can become boring... we've set you up with 3.

Custom Template Theming
  -- 30 Different Background Images (easily add more if you'd like!)
  -- Unlimited background colors (color picker plugin helps you choose)
  -- Select your favorite google font for any part of your website (have as many google fonts as you require)
  -- Customize your own footer!  Choose between colors, fonts and easily add your own social media links. 

Predefined buckets
  -- We've already completed the hard stuff, now you just use the buckets to display your featured products or slideshow images! 

Popular Products
  -- We understand that you want to show off the products your customers like the most, so we integrated the rating module to help accomplish this. 

Product Gallerys
-- Often times 1 product image is not enough... now you can add as many product images as you see fit!  The first product image will be showcased throughout the website, any additional product images will be put into your photo gallery. 

Custom Foundation
-- We've found a lot of other themes are bloated with code you will never use.  We have trimmed the fat and narrowed this theme down to bare essentials.  In doing so, you will notice this theme is very responsive in load times and easy to build upon. 
  -- Performance optimized!  Notice the speed of our demo website as we have done our best to reduce unnecessary features other themes contain. 

960 Grid
-- Are you a front end developer looking to expand this theme?  We've made the code easy enough your developers to run with. 

Clean Drupal Code
-- Are you a back end developer looking to expand this theme?  This themes drupal code is organized, clean, and can be used as  building block for your personal products. 

User Friendly Admin Interface
-- Changing the entire look and feel of the website can be done in seconds with this intuative interface. 

Out of the box WYSIWYG
-- The moment you install this theme you should be able to style any text you need with the wysiwyg

Works with your store!
-- Although we used clothing as an example, this theme will work with any ecommerce store example.  Easy categorization and setup will enable you to build upon this in the future. 

Inventory System
Looking to track inventory?  Now you can!  No need to outsource the work to have this implemented... if you don't need it, easily turn this feature off. 

Stripe Enabled
By far our favorite payment gateway, so we took the liberty of setting up Stripe for you to use to process payments



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