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For our clients who want an impressive home that will create a lasting impression on all who visit ,

And will provide true livability at the same time -- albeit in grand style-- Archival's castle home plans are the ideal choice.

Please scroll down to browse our castle home plans from starter castle home plans to luxury mansion castle home plans that are nothing short of spectacular.  These grand home castle plans all reflect the designed-to-impress style of the classical castles and estate homes of Europe, with elegance and style in every design detail.  Our clients tell us that their guests are so impressed by these homes, that even the most sophisticated visitors are often overwhelmed and are still talking about the castle home days and weeks later.

Common Features of Home Castle Plans

Often Medieval/Middle Ages in origin, castles originally had these common features: Massive scale, fortifications, w ide rounded arches on squat columns, multiple fireplaces and chimneys, steeply pitched roofs, asymmetrical exteriors, wall surfaces of thick stone, small windows, faced stonework, towers and dormers.  The castles were often supported by massive piers incorporated into the wall. Windows were usually deeply recessed into the masonry and usually had one pane of glass per sash.

Our castle home designs have adapted these features by incorporating the following into our starter castle home plans and luxury mansion castle home plans:

   • Extensive use of wide, rounded arches above windows, over entryways, as porch supports and for room entrances

   • Dormers and parapets

   • Multiple fireplaces and chimneys

   • Steeply pitched roofs

   • Asymmetrical and natural stone exteriors

   • Towers and turrets with conical roofs

   • Larger windows to let in more light than a traditional old-world European castle (whose small windows were a necessity for defense, to keep out the cold and because of the scarcity of glass) would typically have

   • Multi-pain windows

Scaled to American sensibilities, from starter castle home plans at 3000-6000 square feet, to luxury mansion castle home plans from 10,000-22,000 square feet .

We invite you to browse through our castle designs -- including our popular Chateau Novella and Kildare Castle plans  -- to find the castle home plan that will enable you to build the home of your dreams.