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5 Home Maintenance Projects to Do This Fall

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When leaves start changing colors it’s a good reminder to start thinking about how to prepare your home for the upcoming change of seasons.

It may seem too early to focus on fall maintenance projects, but being proactive and preparing for cooler weather will enhance and protect one of your biggest investments: your home. The best part is that many of these projects can be done at little or no cost, and they can help you save money on your energy bills.

Here are five projects to tackle before the leaves start to fall:

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Lawn Maintenance to Enhance Your Home’s Value

Now that you’ve finished building your new home plan design, maintaining a healthy lawn can be a challenge during the summer months, but ignoring that challenge can diminish your home’s “curb appeal” and even its value.

Summer’s heat, drought, and high humidity can dehydrate grass and lead to desertification, while a host of fungal diseases, like brown patch, can lead to dead turf. Protecting against these maladies can save home owners money on landscaping and yard maintenance and will help enhance the home’s value over the long term.

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Is Your Home Ready for Summer?

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Just as you want your car inspected and running smoothly before heading out on a long road trip, you also want your home running efficiently before the dog days of summer truly set in. Your home may have endured some harsh elements this past winter, so you won’t want to delay getting it back into shape.

The good news is that you might be able to do much of the work yourself. Here are some key areas to keep an eye on:

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The American Kitchen!

I am sure everyone will agree when I say that the kitchen is the heart of the house! It is the main place of gathering and an area people gravitate towards.  With house requirements evolving with the family dynamic so are kitchens. According to NAHB, the American kitchen has some fun and functional trends that should make any home owner excited!


Open Floor Plans: Many of homeowners are requesting an open space for their kitchens. Long gone are the days of a closed off and hidden kitchen. An open kitchen will encourage interaction among guest at your next dinner party! The Aspen Creek House Plan is a great example of an open floor plan, it features an open kitchen design directly connected to the family room and the keeping room.

Aspen Creek House Plan - Country House Plans -  Cottage House Plans
The Aspen Creek House Plan: This house is 3,584 sq. ft. 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms with designated areas for outdoor living.

Indoor/Outdoor Relation: Nowadays, homeowners enjoy an appointed area for outdoor entertaining.  Trending is the idea of bringing the kitchen and eating areas outdoor. By incorporating spaces traditionally found inside the home in the exterior, families can enjoy nature while winding down after a long day. The Devall House proves to be ideal to American homeowner with its over sized grilling porch.

Devall House Plan - House Plan - Ranch - First Floor Plan
The Devall House Plan: 2,385 sq. ft. with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Its simple floor layout is also ideal for quick building!

Islands: The kitchen island is a must have on every home buyers list. Having multi-layered and multi-purposed kitchen islands are all the rage in kitchen design.  Our Fairhope house plan includes a wonderful and huge multi-purposed kitchen island. This island boast a modern stove range, abundant storage, and roomy breakfast bar sitting area!

Fairhope House Plan - 2600 sq ft Cottage Contemporary Country House
The Fairhope House Plan: 2,666 Sq. Ft. and 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms are all included in this beautiful open floor plan layout!



A She Shed?

As a family grows it is important that each member have their own private oasis, or get-a-way spot in the home. Children often have a playroom that grows with them or their personal bedrooms where they can express their creativity. Men have their legendary “Man Cave” where they can enjoy all their favorite pastimes. Where does mom go? Most places where she can relax are fair game to the rest of the family. Let’s face it; Until now, moms usually do not have a hide away space.
A “She Shed” is the answer to her prayers. This sweet retreat is usually detached from the house, and is found in a renovated tool or garden shed. Just like the “Man Cave”, this little bungalow of joy holds all of the hobbies and activities she loves to do. To give mom this space, you don’t necessarily need an old shed. With space on your lot, or a house plan that allows you to expand her oasis can be added. Incorporating all her beloved hobbies and decorating her space will be the fun part.. Typically, homes that have spacious outdoor living are great candidates for the “She Shed”.
The Chesterfield offers plenty of options for her “She Shed”. It can either be attached to the home, or detached. Converting an unused guest room, bonus room, or even an unfinished area will satisfy the “She Shed” need!

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Chesterfield - House Plan - Mountain Cottage - First Floor Plan