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How to Infuse Universal Design Into Any Home

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Like it or not, our physical abilities change as we age. Vision begins to blur and joints begin to ache. Once-simple tasks like taking out the garbage, emptying the dishwasher or even taking a shower can become increasingly arduous.

However, not everyone living in the same home is likely to have the same needs, especially those in multi-generational households. These are the homes that can benefit the most from “universal design.”

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New Trends in Outdoor Furniture and Fabrics

Creating outdoor rooms remains a popular design trend with home owners across the country. It’s a simple, budget-friendly way to increase your home’s square footage and to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you have a large patio or a small porch, your outdoor room can easily reflect your style and become a treasured gathering spot in your home.  Archival Designs offers a large collection of home plans  across all architectural styles that offer on outdoor living you will adore.

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Aspen Creek House Plan | Archival Designs

Many home owners quickly become frustrated when the beautiful furniture and fabrics they select do not survive the outdoor elements. Fortunately, manufacturers are now creating more durable outdoor furnishings to help your decorating dollars go even further.

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Small Homes, Big Value

Not all homebuyers are looking for a house with a massive floor plan – and a massive price tag. In fact, a wide variety of lifestyle changes are motivating many home owners to downsize to something more manageable. And, many first-time buyers are seeking something other than the traditional “starter” home.

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1,421 SQ FT | Ranch | 3 Beds | 2 Baths

Their reasons may vary, but their goals remain consistent: find a home that fits well, maximizes space and offers value. Home builders recognize the home-efficiency needs of today’s buyers, which is why an increasing number of them are finding innovative ways to deliver big value in a small(er) package.

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Age-in-Place: Building your ‘forever’ home

Building a new home is an investment, and like any other investment its one we want to enjoy for years.  According to the NAHB, over the past five years there has been an increased desire to incorporate design elements that will serve owner’s lifestyles now and many years down the road.  Incorporate these simple features into your new ‘forever’ home:

Curb-less Showers

There are many advantages to incorporating a curb-less shower into your new home plan — the main being functionality for everyone from grandchildren to grandparents.   Removing the curb it allows for easy wheelchair access and reduces the risk of tripping for someone with mobility limitations.   Another great benefit is the added ease of cleaning.  Eliminating the curb makes it easier to clean in comparison to the elbow-brushing that would be required in small corners or alcoves.

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Curb-less Shower | Tres Le Fleur

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