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The American Kitchen!

I am sure everyone will agree when I say that the kitchen is the heart of the house! It is the main place of gathering and an area people gravitate towards.  With house requirements evolving with the family dynamic so are kitchens. According to NAHB, the American kitchen has some fun and functional trends that should make any home owner excited!


Open Floor Plans: Many of homeowners are requesting an open space for their kitchens. Long gone are the days of a closed off and hidden kitchen. An open kitchen will encourage interaction among guest at your next dinner party! The Aspen Creek House Plan is a great example of an open floor plan, it features an open kitchen design directly connected to the family room and the keeping room.

Aspen Creek House Plan - Country House Plans -  Cottage House Plans
The Aspen Creek House Plan: This house is 3,584 sq. ft. 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms with designated areas for outdoor living.

Indoor/Outdoor Relation: Nowadays, homeowners enjoy an appointed area for outdoor entertaining.  Trending is the idea of bringing the kitchen and eating areas outdoor. By incorporating spaces traditionally found inside the home in the exterior, families can enjoy nature while winding down after a long day. The Devall House proves to be ideal to American homeowner with its over sized grilling porch.

Devall House Plan - House Plan - Ranch - First Floor Plan
The Devall House Plan: 2,385 sq. ft. with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Its simple floor layout is also ideal for quick building!

Islands: The kitchen island is a must have on every home buyers list. Having multi-layered and multi-purposed kitchen islands are all the rage in kitchen design.  Our Fairhope house plan includes a wonderful and huge multi-purposed kitchen island. This island boast a modern stove range, abundant storage, and roomy breakfast bar sitting area!

Fairhope House Plan - 2600 sq ft Cottage Contemporary Country House
The Fairhope House Plan: 2,666 Sq. Ft. and 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms are all included in this beautiful open floor plan layout!



Big canoe house plan archival designs mountain cottage lakefront style

Four Gourmet Kitchens: the Heart of Your Home

With the holidays around the corner, we begin to envision ourselves baking and enjoying warm home-cooked meals with our family and closest friends.

In recent times, kitchens have made the transition from a simple functional room for meal preparation to a cozy space for family to gather and unwind at the end of a long day.

Beautiful, and functional kitchen designs can be found in home plans of styles and sizes.   No matter how small or large your future home will be, you will enjoy Archival Designs‘ featured gourmet kitchen designs and their outstanding functionality.

Presente House Plan

Presente House Plan Archival Designs Luxury Home
The Presente House offers a chef-inspired kitchen with large kitchen island, breakfast nook, and floor-to-ceiling pantry in a 2,344 sq. ft. footprint.

The Presente House Plan (2,344 sq. ft.) features a large cooking island ideal for meal preparation while entertaining friends, or helping children with homework. A full window wall in the sink area allows for maximum daylight to flood the space. Wall ovens, and an over-sized refrigerator make this kitchen functional in all settings. Three large cabinets for floor to ceiling pantry space accommodate everyday items, as well as bulk purchases from large membership stores.

Fairhope House Plan

Fairhope house tres le fleur home plan archival designs luxury style
The Fairhope House Plan features an elegant kitchen with spacious central island in this 2,666 sq. ft. footprint.
fairhope house plan tres le fleur home archival designs luxury home styles
Wall overs and a pocket door into a walk-in pantry add elegance to the Fairhope House Plan kitchen.

The Fairhope house plan is a top-selling luxury design in a smaller size.  The luxurious kitchen upgrades take this 2,666 sq. ft. home to the level of a mansion.  Enjoy an over-sized island ideal for serving during the holidays, or a quiet breakfast area to enjoy with the kids.  Plentiful counter space allows for family cooked meals, while additional space between the island and sink area ensure comfortable working space for more than one.

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