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Six Degrees of Separation – We can do that!

Every month Archival Designs will share one of its historic “relative views”.
This month, let’s talk about the Chateau Novella house plan, Blanchard house plan and Wesmere house plan.


Chateau Novella is a majestic storybook castle, best-selling house plan design of Archival Designs, Inc.

We decided to design smaller luxury starter castle house plans by combining the castle elevation with some of our Best Seller house plans. Castles have represented luxury, security and prestige for centuries, and these new makeovers that have proven so successful are no different. Buyers today find the same appeal. The interior of the Wesmere house plan is a proud descendant of the Westover house plan with the exterior based upon Chateau Novella’s design. The Blanchard house plan is a sibling to the Wesmere house plan, boasting six bedrooms (two are in the basement) with full baths – great for kids and in-laws! Visit our website at for more photos, descriptions and details.

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Award-winning designer David Marc Loftus earned a reputation for excellence among a growing group of discerning clientele who admired David’s ability to capture the essence of classical architecture using modern building materials and methods. Luxury home builders and clients seeking the ideal combination of classicism and convenience used Archival Designs to create some of America’s most impressive estates.

However, David Loftus insisted that good taste was not exclusive to only large and opulent homes. He would often remind builders and clients, “Classical styling makes some of our 2,000 to 3,000 square foot homes more elegant and livable than many larger houses. The key to true classical style is in achieving proportional harmony.” “If you’ve ever seen Leonardo da Vinci’s famous study of human proportions you understand the essence of classicism,” David would go on to say. “If a room is rectangular, its length should be one and one half its width. The height should be equal to the width. This proportion reflects the symmetry da Vinci illustrated and when it’s carried over correctly, it provides a sense of well being and serenity.” David Loftus quickly garnered a reputation in the home design industry as the designer with the best innate sense for classical architecture’s proportional harmonies, with their resultant feeling of elegance, well-being and serenity evident immediately upon crossing the threshold of an Archival Designs’ home.

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Our luxury house plans provide all the elegance and design details of a custom house design at a fraction of the cost.
Archival’s library of award-winning house designs are used by architects, builders, construction professionals, plan publishers and individual homeowners throughout world.
Although Archival is best known for luxury house plans such as our estate homes and starter castles, our more than 400 house plans include ranch and 2-story designs, contemporary and classic house designs, and home sizes from 1400 square feet to over 20,000 square feet.
Any Archival house design can be customized and modified for specific sites or needs.
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