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Want to Build A Beautiful Custom Home But Don't Want To Pay Exorbitant Architectural Fees?

Archival Designs, Inc. offers a large portfolio of house designs, luxury home plans and blueprint packages for clients who want to build their own homes, but don't want to pay large architectural and engineering fees. We offer a wide range of house designs, and house plans from modest homes to starter castles.  Our plans provide all the elegance and design details of a custom house design at fraction of the cost.

Archival Designs' library of award-winning house designs are used by architects, builders, construction professionals, plan publishers and individual homeowners throughout the United States and in countries throughout the world.

Our firm is best known for luxury estate and castle house plans as large as 21,000 square feet. Our expansive portfolio of house plans also features one-of-a-kind ranch and two-story designs, cottage, mediterranean and classical house designs starting from 1,400 square feet.


Any Archival Designs, Inc. house plan can be customized and modified to suit your family's needs and architectural taste. Archival Designs' Services Include:

  • A library of more than 1500 house designs and house plans, from small home plans to castle homes.
  • Full blueprint packages that include applicable national building codes. Our building plans conform to national building codes including ICBO, IRC, and CABO.
  • Modifications to adapt any plan for particular site or needs (per client request), or to give homes an individual signature and personality.
  • Modifcation of exterior elevations to give any plan a one-of-a-kind look


"Archival Designs is one of the rarest companies that I've seen where every house, estate, and castle has a unique and distinctive flair - unlike other's plans from other organizations which are very repetitious - cookie-cutter like. I praise you and the design team, and I am extremely glad to have found you! The builder was correct when he told us that you provide really good plan modification capabilities. I would refer your company to all those looking to build their dream."

- Jim DeLeOssa


Choose from more than 1500 house designs and house plans. We offer house designs in a wide range of styles and sizes. Some of our more popular house designs include European-inspired Georgian and Palladian homes, English Manor house plans, Tuscan-style Italian villas, French chateaux, and Colonial house plans. Our Tuscan-style villas range from 1800 to 13,600 square feet. Our Newport Classics house designs are gentrified New England-style cottages that range from 1500 to 5000 square feet. Our starter castles and estate homes are designed in the grand tradition of some of the most impressive homes in the world. And Chateau Novella is our most popular house design. Feel free to search our house designs or browse our photo gallery to get a sense of the many styles and types of house designs we offer.

What sets Archival Designs' house designs apart from all others is that each house design, no matter the style or size, is based on the principles and proportions of the world's classic residences. Company founder and award-winning designer David Marc Loftus intensively studied the great manor houses, chateaux and estate homes of Europe and the world, and artfully extracted the essential elements of design and proportion that made these homes great. He then adapted them for modern uses, while still retaining all their classical elements.

Archival Designs' house plans are known for their creative use of space, their open living spaces, their ideal balance between rooms, and between interior and exterior spaces, and their superb functionality. Regardless of house size or style, this artful blend of classical architecture, unwavering attention to design details and exquisite use of space are the hallmarks of Archival Designs award-winning and enduring house designs, which never go out of style.

Award Winning House Designs
In addition to the rave reviews we receive from the builders and homeowners who have used our house designs to build their dream home, Archival Designs has also received many industry awards and recognitions for the house designs, including:

  • Best Custom Home between $500,000-$1,000,000 - Maxwell Court-First Place Winner, Pinnacle Awards
  • "Best of Show" - At the American Institute of Building Design (AIBD) international competition (Cordelia house design)
  • 1st place Gold Award in the Luxury Custom Homes 2,000-4,000 sq ft category - AIBD's Atlanta Homebuilder's Association
  • Decorator Showhome Choice - Georgia Cancer Society (Stonepond design)
  • Best Of Show, Best Curb Appeal and Best Bedroom awards
  • Best Product Design, Best Product Design for a Parade home, and Best Landscape Design in the over 4,000 sf category - North Carolina


Building professionals and discriminating homeowners know that house design is the most important element of home building, and that good design is vital for maximizing value and satisfaction for one of life's largest investments. Archival Designs blueprint package library is the ideal source for your house design and house plan needs. Let Archival Designs Help Make Your Dream Home a Reality!